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RevData delivers automated business intelligence to help you generate more sales, cultivate loyal customers, optimize product strategy, and increase profitability.

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Why RevData BI Tool?

RevData generates insights using your own data to help you unlock the potential of your e-commerce business.

  • Get a 360° view of your marketing and performance metrics
  • Track, analyze, and uncover sales trends via intuitive dashboards
  • Transform your data into actionable insights and beautiful, custom reports
  • Leverage existing successes and uncover new opportunities in customer segments, sales channels, ad campaigns, and more
  • Secure, granular data segmentation from multiple data sources

High-Quality Ecommerce Reports on Demand

RevData is unique because it uses your own data to drive more revenue. That means no guesswork, and no speculation. If you’re looking for comprehensive and powerful customer and product analytics reporting software, RevData has what you need:

  • Intuitive e-Commerce Reporting Tools
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Machine Learning Segmentation Tool
  • COGS, LTV, and CAC Reporting by Acquisition Channel


Whatever data sources you use, RevData connects them all.

RevData Reviews

We fell in love with RevData the moment we realized it integrated with everything we use to run our business. We use RevData to see what channels are performing, what products are performing and gain deep insight into our various customer segments.”

“RevData is a great tool for pulling all of our ecommerce data into once place. It’s easy to use, easy to integrate, and their support is top-notch. They have been constantly improving the product and releasing new features which has made the tool even more valuable.”

“The RevData platform offers us analytics we can’t get anywhere else. We’ve used it for everything from purchasing to merchandising, and to run marketing campaigns to recover and engage lost customers. Highly recommended!”

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